Following the development path of children, HBT started focusing on setting up measures with an array of interventions including formation of Peer groups, technical and vocational training targeting skills in high demand, as well as life-skills training’s and self-defence training for the young and adolescent groups assisting them in navigating the risks during their development. Our youth centric programmes are developed to tailor the needs of young boys and girls, building up their strength and resiliency to cope up with the concerns associated with their transformation from childhood to youth.


Humara Bachpan Trust (HBT) has partnered with Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited under Smart City Intervention to conduct community based youth development activities in slums of Bhubaneswar Jurisdiction area under Smart City. HBT has started its intervention in eight (8) slums under Town center district of Smart city during January 2017. Under the intervention, we are working with the young and adolescent populations of 3832 households residing in these 8 slums of Bhubaneswar Town Centre District’ (BTCD) area.


The project has its interventions designed on the following key objectives:

  • Towards developing a youth-centric and youth-led integrated social intervention model to support citizens connect initiative.
  • Promoting safety and security of girls and women in Bhubaneswar with specific focus on urban slums through community partnerships.
  • Increasing availability and accessibility of social, health and other development programmes for the vulnerable and marginalized population sub groups.


Engaged citizenry, increased voluntarism, responsiveness and openness to changes were found among the slum dwellers and community leaders. The groups formed got a sense of their community dynamics and identified the pressures and support they find in the community. They also identified key issues those are important to them and their future. A Charter of Demand highlighting drinking water issue of ward number 34 of BMC was submitted to Municipality authority, responding to which two water stand posts were establishing benefiting 60 households. Girls with increased confidence can make movements and are showing willingness to choose different career options.

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