There are 158.8 million children in India (Census of India 2011). Of these 41.2 million children approximately 26% of the total, reside in urban areas. Young children are the next generation of the urban workforce, and the way in which urban cities develop now will determine what kind of workforce and citizens they turn out to be.

Students as the future of the nation need to think of the place they reside in. Involving them in the process of city development will result in the creation of engaged citizens from an early age.

HumaraBachpanSchool Outreach Programmes began in 2015 with the aim to sensitize young children in schools regarding the importance of child participation in urban planning and designing. This is carried out by organizing a host of activities and workshops for students at both school and national level.


If you wish to hold a sensitization programme in your school, kindly contact - SulagnaSivprava (


Children sharing their views of smart city in Mother's Public School, Bhubaneswar.


Children communicating their ideas of smart city in Public School, Chennai.


Children drawing their dream city in Government Secondary School, Surat.


Children interacting in Government Primary School, Udaipur.