Being an advocacy campaign, Humara Bachpan requires strong and clear evidence based on comprehensive and rigorous research. As a campaign we believe that a significant legacy from the campaign should be the body of research that will be used by other programs and campaigns. Also, we evaluate ourselves to assess the impact and effectiveness of our interventions and innovations by external as well as internal agencies.

Our Researches and Publications

1. Annual Report – 2016-2017

2. Policy briefs – As part of research we have developed policy briefs on the core components of the campaign which includes a policy     housing, transportation, water and sanitation.

3. Fact Sheets of 17 states

4. Pune Municipal Corporation Budget, Identifying gaps and probable entry points for improving the living conditions of children in slums of     Pune
5. Rapid Child Impact Assessment of Master Plan of Delhi 2021
6. Public Provisioning for Urban Poor in Odisha, An analysis of budget provisions of housing and urban development department
7. Safeguarding childhood: Prioritizing Children’s Needs in Urban Planning & Development in Hyderabad
8. Children are today’s citizens not tomorrow’s adults: Let them take over! An evaluation of Humara Bachpan Campaign by Praxis
9. Audit Report:

Other Documents

1. Children Leadership Programme
2. Children Led Planning
3. Swacch Samudaya hi Swasth Samudaya, Children’s initiative towards cleaner India
4. Children as sanitation ambassadors, Open Defecation Free Campaign

Our Videos

1. Small Children, Big Cities
2. Video process documentation of Children led planning
3. Our play spaces
4. Cities4kids
5. Children paint their dream city of Bhubaneswar
6. Turning Dreams into Reality
7. Children As Sanitation Ambassadors
8. HBC Fellows On The CLP PRocess
9. Bhubaneswar Child Leaders On Their 'Dream City'
10. City's Step Child
11. Inclusion
12. Children Voices- Children's perspective in urban governance and planning
13. Steps of Child Led Planning
14. How youth view urbanization and what change they would like to see in the cities