How would you feel, if an internship gave you an opportunity to bring about change in the society while you learn the ground realities of life in a city? How would it be if you were given an opportunity to contribute in making the life of millions of children, youth and women living in urban poverty better?

At Humara Bachpan we assure you the above! We offer you space and opportunity to explore your potential and use your existing knowledge. Interns would get direct guidance and feedback with regard to their work and performance from their supervisors who will be senior staff of Humara Bachpan.

Opportunities to handle key responsibilities would be assigned which would serve as a platform for you to improve your inter-personal skills. Whether you are a recent graduate or still going to college, opportunities are available for everyone to explore. If you are a socially inclined individual, you too can apply to intern with us and pursue your passion.


If you intend to spend time and work on improving lives of children, youth and women in poverty, please dedicate a few days. Learn, analyse and take action along with the community members. Immersion programmes are from 5 days to 6 months.