The never ending quest to make a better place to live especially for the very young children living in urban poverty led to the birth of Humara Bachpan. An idea and dream took wings with the support of Bernard van Leer Foundation in October 2012 and was formally launched in May 2013. While most organizations work on important issues such as health and education, we at Humara Bachpan focused on developing the agency of children, youth and women in ensuring that the demands are made for a safe and healthy built environment. Over the last four years we have seen thousands of leaders emerge from the slums working tirelessly to lead a life of dignity. As we approach our fifth year, we have made a strategic move to include women and youth in our work especially on economic empowerment. We have initiated Sambhavi – empowerment with enterprise and employability. Through this we have already reached out to 6325 women and 2169 youth in Bhubaneswar. We hope to start Sambhavi in all the 15 cities we presently are operational in (through network partners we work in seven more cities) and are reaching out to 67567 women and 25829 youth. The support of Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited, UNFPA, Gram Tarang, Centurion University of Technology and Management, Diversified Energy Solutions Pvt. Limited, and others have enabled us to pursue our dream. The contribution of the team in all the cities we work in has led HBT to emerge as an accelerator for social change.


Thanks for your Support.

Ms. Dharitri Pattnaik, Founder & Executive Chairman 

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