International Women’s Day

HBT is going to implement its pilot project to create 1500 skilled and economically independent women....

Location: Bhubaneswar Date: 08 March 2018 At: Jagamara Cricket Club Ground Duration: 10.30AM - 12.30PM

HBT is going to implement its pilot project to create 1500 skilled and economically independent women from urban slums of Bhubaneswar through skills building and creating linkages. The project is supported by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). The project ‘Sambhavi – Women Empowerment with enterprise and employability’ aims at developing entrepreneurship skill among slum women and adolescent girls by providing skill building training under different trades and giving assured employability and strong post-training support to ensure their improved socio-economic status. With this project, steps will be taken to eradicate the socio-economic barriers and empower women in slums for a better standard of living. Empowering women would ensure leadership quality and bring in decision making ability within the family. It also intends to empower women and girls by fore fronting them in raising their issues and addressing them ensuring a dignified living for themselves. The project has the following objectives:

To identify 1500 women (aged between 18 to 35) from 140 slums of Bhubaneswar and economically empower them with employment and enterprise building support.

To conduct a skill gap analysis and create linkages based on the mapping; a Research & Development unit will conduct the surveys to identify business and employment opportunities within local markets; generate information on changing market demands, and categorize trade sectors in which skill and entrepreneurship training would be most impactful.

To develop 750 women entrepreneurs by creating financial and market linkages.

To provide employability support to 750 women and girls trained under 3 different job roles

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