Humara Bachpan Campaign (HBC) emerged to fill a gap in advocacy in India related to the living conditions of young children in urban poverty. It has gone through a period of experimentation and rapid growth in which it has developed three very significant assets. One such asset is the child club organizing methodology which has enabled the campaign to organize thousands of young children across 16 cities leading to real changes in their quality of life and the lives of their younger siblings. While the children mobilized are mostly children in the age group of 6-18 years of age, the issues highlighted are access to and improvement of early childhood services in the neighborhood. A second asset is its national visibility and access to top policymakers and media. The third is the Children Led Planning (CLP) process and Citiesdvc4Kids audit which has led to high degree of civic-public engagement as well as leveraging government resources for the development of slums.


I. To organize 33,000 child advocates in 330 slums across 11 Indian cities who will work with other children, parents and community members to conduct advocacy leading to better basic services and infrastructure and, as a result, improvements in the health and safety of children under 5.

II. To strengthen Humara Bachpan’s capacity as an advocate for urban poor children by positioning the organization as a national voice in the debate on smart cities and investing in its future leadership.



We are reaching out to 1.3 million children through Humara Bachpan child clubs in 548 slums.We have built an agency of constituency of 3140 child leaders who are the voices of children all over India. The National Federation of child clubs have been formed with 50 Child leaders

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