Goal For Citi4Kids Advocacy

To advocate for an enabling environment within the cities for children to live, learn, grow and flourish.

HBC Citis4Kids Advocacy Envisages

 A city which guarantees the rights of every child

  • Be valued and heard in family, community and social life.
  • To have enabled housing, neighborhood with access to basic services such as safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities.
  • Receive services such as healthcare, education and development.
  • Can walk safely in roads on their own, access to public transport.
  • To realize their rights to play, access to open space in their neighborhood and playgrounds and parks.
  • Be protected from exploitation, violence and abuse.
  • To influence the decision of their city with ensured participation in city governance.

Campaign Strategy

To work towards making the cities SMART in terms of establishing a system of local governance committed towards fulfilling children rights mentioned under UNCRC in practice; means children’s rights are reflected in policies, laws, programmes and budgets. In a child friendly city, children are active agents; their voices and opinions are taken into consideration and influence decision making processes. The adopted methods of campaign are :

  1. Citis4Kids Audit by child leaders.
  2. Fixing up of audit parameters (child friendly).
  3. Analysis of audit findings.
  4. Recommendations set by children.
  5. Setting up of Advocacy Action Plan based on the audit findings.

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